How do I enter  the competition ?


How many times can  I enter ?

As many times as you wish however only 1 entry will be considered valid

How may crew members  are allowed  to enter the competition ?

A maximum of 4 crew members are allowed to enter and compete in any category

What  time does the auditions start .?

Auditions starts at 6pm till late on most venues but verify with the region /venue co-ordinator

Can  I bring  my music and in what format ?

All participants are allowed to bring any form of music of their choice either in CD or USB

What if one the members  is under the age of 18 years ? can they still audition ?

No . no person under the age of 18 is allowed in the audition venues or to participate on the competition

Who are the judges of the competition ?

Most judges are local judges from the hosting region and more information can be provided by the co-ordinator .